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Lavender & Rosemary Hedging Pack - 24 plants

Lavender & Rosemary Hedging Pack - 24 plants

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The perfect pairings are quite hard to come by, there are of course the classics, wine and cheese, Sonny and Cher, Ben & Jerry and our personal favourite, Lavender and Rosemary! 

Lavender is an absolute garden staple, both for its delightful fragrance and beautiful flowers, however, Rosemary is also a very welcome sight in the garden, and if you want to talk perfect pairings, Rosemary & Lamb is right up there! You can even add some lavender to that recipe to give your taste buds a kick! 

If you're looking to add the perfect couple to your garden, look no further! You will receive the following to form the ideal mixed hedge:-

12 x 9cm Lavender 

12 x 9cm Rosemary 

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