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Orange Essential Oil - 10ml

Orange Essential Oil - 10ml

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Orange essential oil is a favourite at Christmas as it fills the house with the aroma of oranges reminded everyone old and young of the fruit they find in the bottom of their stocking on a cold winters day.

It adds warmth to the surroundings while enhancing moods and creating a cosy atmosphere, but it has other benefits too. It can enable the absorption of vitamin C the one vitamin our bodies need daily as we are unable to store reserves of it.

It also helps with digestion and increases the blood flow to the skin making it a=ideal as a skin toner and cleanser.

In its purest form like this it can be added to cooking and baking to create that delicious orange flavour without using zest or liquid but it will also enable you to smell delightful while reducing inflammation of muscles if added to a wonderful warm bath.

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