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'Napzzz' Yorkshire Lavender Sleep & Relaxation Kit

'Napzzz' Yorkshire Lavender Sleep & Relaxation Kit

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We understand that getting a good night's sleep can be about as easy to obtain as winning the lottery. But fear not, our 3 step sleep kit will have you saying 'hello' to a relaxing nights sleep in no time!

What is included?

1 x Yorkshire Lavender Linen Spray

The perfect fragrance for helping you relax and drift off to sleep! It can be used on towels, bed linen, cottons, handkerchiefs and clothes before or after ironing. Spray to keep your linen fresh and less wrinkled. It will completely refresh your room.

1 x Yorkshire Lavender Oil - Rollerball - 10ml

Lavender is one of the most widely used essential oils for its calming, soothing and sleep inducing effects. You can use the rollerball on your temples and pulse points to relieve stress and headaches. It is also a very handy product as it can be popped in the bottom of your pocket or bag, so whenever you need to relax, it is on hand.

1 x Yorkshire Lavender Slumber Gel - 30ml

The Yorkshire Lavender Slumber Gel is made using 100% pure Yorkshire Lavender essential oil distilled from the lavender grown on their lavender farm. You can apply the slumber gel to your temples and pulse points, this will promote relaxation and bring you an immediate sense of calm.

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