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1 x Alpaca Poo Fertiliser - 4kg bag approximately

1 x Alpaca Poo Fertiliser - 4kg bag approximately

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Our popular Alpaca Poo Fertiliser is now available in a large bag, ready for all your spring garden plans!!

The best time to apply alpaca poo fertilizer is in the spring when plants are just starting to grow. This will give them a boost of nutrients to help them get off to a strong start.

Alpaca manure fertiliser is suitable for all plants, indoor and outdoor, full of nutrients and high in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. It's odourless, ready to use straight out the bag, easy to spread, and, compared to many other livestock manures, less likely to burn your plants. Handpicked and air-dried, our poo is cleansed to contain as little extra content (grass, straw, etc.) as possible.

To use, either simply spread a handful over your plants, or, you can mix the manure with water, leave to brew for 1-3 days and use this alpaca poo 'tea' to water your plants with. Just pop it in a watering can for a nourishing drink your plants will absolutely LOVE. 100% organic.

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