Wildlife Garden Sack


We are sadly all aware of the ongoing challenges Wildlife face in the current climate, but our Wildlife Garden Sack is an easy way for you to your bit for the struggling species and help ensure a brighter future!

Our Wildlife Garden Sack has been put together to encourage and help out all varieties of Wildlife into your garden, from small insects to wilder animals. 

The Wild Garden Sack also serves a useful educational boredom-breaker during the school holidays, with our handy information cards on each product and the animal/insect it is intended for included to give a helping hand!


  • Wild Bird Food (750g)

 This high quality mix attracts a wide range of species and can be used in a seed feeder, on a bird table or just on the ground.

  • Hedgehog Food (750g)

In July 2020 the hedgehog was included in the IUCN red list, recognising the          species vulnerable status. Place this hedgehog food in your garden (just after dusk is best) and wait for them to come snuffling!  Approved by wildlife centres.

  • Squirrel Food (750g)

Help the survival of native red squirrels with this premium mix of nuts, seeds and grains. Also suitable for black & grey squirrels. 

  • Bee Bombs

Bees are pivotal to our eco-system. We need bees to fertilise many of our crops, many of the world’s food crops depend on insect and animal pollination. These bee bombs are so easy to use. Throw them anywhere (literally anywhere) in your garden and let nature do the rest! You will soon have a wildflower patch to help the bees thrive!

  • Eco Bee Nesting Tubes

These cardboard solitary bee nesting tubes can be used to fill existing bee boxes or to make your own simple bee nester. By using fresh cardboard tubes every season excellent bee health may be maintained. 

  • Information Cards

Cards with an abundance of useful hints, tips and information on creating your wildlife haven and how to help struggling wildlife.

  • Hessian Sack

Once you've emptied the products into your garden this 50x80cm hessian sack comes in useful for all sorts of garden and storage needs!

***Add a Nesting Box to your Wildlife Garden Sack. Suitable for any small bird, & a really lovely addition to your garden. Simply select option above