The Wildlife Box


Encourage all species of wildlife into your garden with this Wildlife Plant box. Six Lavender Plants that attract pollinators and smell and look divine, plus bird, hedgehog & squirrel feed to make your garden an instant wildlife haven!   


  • 6 Angustifolia Hidcote

Our most popular variety with traditional deep purple flowers and easy to maintain nature. Lavender Angustifolia Hidcote is great for attracting bees and butterflies, drying and using as a culinary herb or drying for craft purposes. Commonly used in rows and hedges.

  • Wild Bird Food.

Winter can be a tough time for birds, their usual source of food is hard to come by. This high quality mix attracts a wide range of species and can be used in a seed feeder, on a bird table or just on the ground.

  • Hedgehog Food

In July 2020 the hedgehog was included in the IUCN red list, recognising the          species vulnerable status. The Autumn and Winter months are the most important for them to find food to put on enough weight before hibernation, so place this hedgehog food in your garden (just after dusk is best) and wait for them to come snuffling! 

  • Squirrel Food

Help the survival of native red squirrels with this premium mix of nuts, seeds and grains. Also suitable for black & grey squirrels. 


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