Wild Garden Gift Sack

With The Wild Garden Large Sack you receive:

A large hessian sack filled with the perfect combination of food and treats designed to help the wildlife in the garden.

Minimum of 8 items per sack which vary according to the season.

You can find more information on the sacks here


What comes in a Wild Garden Sack?

The Wild Garden Sack contains a selection of food, treats and homes to help the wildlife in your garden. Each item is hand selected and tested in our gardens and on our lavender farm

A great deal of care, thought & research goes into each and every Wild Garden Sack to cater to the needs of the wildlife visitors to the garden. We ensure that every item is suitable for the time of year,for instance, fat balls during the summer months may cause a bit of a problem, but during the winter months, these can be a real life saver for our feathered visitors. 

We're super proud of our sacks because we know that each and every item has been carefully selected with life-enriching, healthy items in mind for your garden wildlife to enjoy. And this is our main goal, to sustain & make a change with every Wild Garden Sack.

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