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Thyme Essential Oil - 10ml

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Thyme essential oil is used for many benefits as not only does it smell wonderful it also has amazing qualities that make it ideal for everyday health.

Many use it to enable heart health as the anti-spasmodic benefits ensure the heart works properly and valves are cleared while the anti-inflammatory reduces any swelling and inflammation. It can be used to alleviate moods, repel insects, disinfect surfaces or even fight infections.

It will clear the throat and lungs when used in a steam vapour method or it will clear the skin of oil and blemishes when applied as part of a daily skincare regime.

Any complaint you have Thyme essential oil will help to alleviate the symptoms or heal it, from anorexia to cellulite or dermatitis to laryngitis, it even cures bad breath or distinct body odour.

It will ease aching muscles of rheumatism and arthritis while stimulating digestion and calming the nervous system.

No one essential oil has ever been able to pack such a punch in one little bottle (except Lavender essential oil) making this a favourite to have on hand at all times.