The Bullet Dodger, Delinquente Wine Co (75cl)


The idea with this wine is to make an uncomplicated red wine that provides flavour, energy and drinkability, something that Montepulciano brings to the party in spades. A bright Mediterranean style red with tons of fruit and juicy tannins.

Grapes: Montepulciano

Region: Riverland, Australia

Alcohol: 14%

Tasting notes/pairing options:  Deep plum colour and medium body, with a peppery nose of bitter-sweet mulberries, bright berry fruits and smooth, even tannings. Fresh, fun and juicy.Pasta, pizza, BBQ, Pringles – whatever, it’s a wine for all seasons!

Organic, suitable for vegans and vegetarians

The producer:

Con-Greg’s idea for Delinquente Wine Co was to take advantage of the Riverland’s small vineyards planted with Southern Italian varieties. He buys in grapes from trusted growers who work organically, and is pretty much hands-off in the winery. All his wines are small-batch and single-vineyard, fermented in stainless steel with wild yeast. His aim is to make wine that is pure, drinkable and delicious - or as he would put it, “smashable”. To complete his vision he recruited local Adelaide street artist Ankles to design the edgy, eye-catching labels.