The Bee Box


Bee numbers have been in steady decline over the past several years, but now gardeners are doing their best to grow flowers that will help out our little buzzing friends. If we all do this together then hopefully numbers will start to increase again.

As a rule of thumb, the best plants for bees have large, single open blooms or tubular flowers that they can crawl inside. Bees are particularly attracted to the colour purple but will of course happily fly to any suitable flower in your garden.

For The Bee Box we have carefully selected plants that are best for bees, here's what it includes:

  • Campanula 1 x 9cm Pot
  • Aster 1 x 9cm Pot
  • Scabiosa 1 x 9cm Pot
  • Lupin 1 x 9cm Pot
  • Veronica 1 x 9cm Pot
  • Lithodora 1 x 9cm Pot 
  • The Flower and the Bee White (75cl) 13%, Ribeiro, Spain

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