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Sleep Well Hamper

Sleep Well Hamper

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We have all experienced sleep problems at some point and with more than 71% of us not getting the sleep we need, something had to be done!

While we haven’t found a magic pill to ensure you get 9-10 hours sleep a night, we’ve created a hamper of goodies that are sure to improve your sleep in no time!

What’s in the hamper?

We’ve got your sleep fully covered with the following dreamy items:-

Sleep & Relaxation Kit – Our go to sleep kit! This contains our tried and tested slumber gel, lavender oil and linen spray.

Lavender Wheat Bag – A warm and fragrant gift for your sleep! It is also very useful for any aches and pains.

Candle – Nothing says relaxation like a candle! Get yourself set up for bedtime with our *scent (lavender?), fragrant, warming candle.

Lavender Tea – The ultimate bedtime tea! Prepare your bedtime brew 30-45 mins before bed and you will be dreaming in no time!

-Hamper is included-

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