Rose Champagne, Rémi Leroy (75cl)


This Rosé is blended with 15% still Pinot Noir to give a deep colour and red fruit characters, a great choice on its own!

Grapes: Chardonnay 30%, Pinot Noir 70%

Region: Champagne, France

Alcohol: 12.5%

Tasting notes/pairing options: Intense red cheery and raspberries on the nose. Rounded and mouth filling, a great food champagne. 

Organic, suitable for vegetarians and vegans


The vineyard/the winemaking:

The subregion of Côte des Bar in the Aube is around 100 kilometres southeast from the rest of the Champagne region, geographically and geologically it's closer to Chablis. Soils are mainly clay limestone, including Kimmeridgian limestone. Average vine age is 25 years. Base wines aren't fined or filtered before bottling, 15% still Pinot Noir is added to the blend before the second fermentation. The wine rests for three years sur latte. A dosage of 5 g/l is added on disgorgement. The bottled wines rest for a further few months after they are disgorged so are ready to drink on release.