Root Rocks


We get a lot of water in the UK, some of the biggest challenges gardeners face come from having too little or too much water to contend with.

Root Rocks are a new, revolutionary product that will help you manage your water perfectly.

By placing our Root Rocks directly into your soil, or into your plants pots, you will find your plants have the exact water supply they need all of the time.

Root Rocks can help you deal with both too much, or too little water in your garden. We believe they are the best secret we ever shared with our Secret Gardening Club.

What are they made from?

The Root Rocks are manufactured in the UK using recycled plastic otherwise destined for landfill.

The incredible compressive strength of the rocks enables them to remain open in even the most challenging environments.

How do they work?

Our Root Rocks regulate the water to your plants. Water your plants as normal and the water is then dispersed to your plants.  This allows your plants the time to drink as they need to, rather than when you get around to watering them. The way Root Rocks work means that you can actually water your plants less and use up to half the amount of compost you would ordinarily. Not only do Root Rocks help your plants grow with ease, they also save you time, money and resources.