Pinot Noir, Peter Wetzer (75cl)

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Under communism agriculture in Hungary was very industrial. Peter Wetzer had to search hard to find the two organic vineyard sites in Sopron where he sources this Pinot Noir. The result is juicy with wild berries and vivid acidity and mineral undertones.

Grapes: Pinot Noir

Region: Sopron, Hungary

Alcohol: 13%

Tasting notes/pairing options: Juicy with black cherry, wild berries and vivid acidity. Powerful yet light, with vibrant complexity and earthy, mineral under tones.

Organic, suitable for vegans and vegetarians

The producer:

Working in the wine trade in Vienna, Péter became passionate about Europe’s classical wine regions. Finding sites with healthy, living soils and vegetation was key. Péter works organically, everything is done by hand, and his five sites are picked and fermented separately.For Péter, making wine is also about reclaiming his region’s past. He seeks to make wines with personality and identity, with character influenced by their origin and heritage, made with traditional grape varieties which translate the sense of place.