🌿🍯🐝 MYSTERY MIS-SHAPE BOX 🍯🐝🌿 - 10 Plants for £15.99!

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🌿🍯🐝Add some Mystery to Your Garden🍯🐝🌿

We're all spending more time in our gardens and if you're looking to add some colour and fragrance to your garden while looking after your wallet, look no further! 


These Lavender Plants are not quite up to the normal standard that we send out, however from humble beginnings come great things!

Once in the ground, these plants will thrive as our normal Lavender plants would, so why not take advantage of our special offer and nurture some mis-shapes back to their best.

They are ready to be planted out in the garden. (Approx 10-15cm from base of root ball to top of the plant)

What will I receive?

You will receive a selection of 10 of our lovely mis-shape lavender plants which are our standard size*

We have a lovely range of lavender plants and you will receive a variety of mis-shapes in your Mystery box. 

Limited Availability. You will receive 10 x Lavender Mis-Shape Plants of our standard size*

*10-15cm from the base of the rootball to the top of the plant, they are the equivalent of an 8/9cm pot size, however, they are not dispatched in pots