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Lemon Essential Oil - 10ml

Lemon Essential Oil - 10ml

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Lemon essential oil is not only renowned for its fine fragrance but also for its household and cosmetic qualities. It can be used to remove dead skin cells or added to a bath to rejuvenate the mind and body leaving a fresh citrusy clean smell behind. It is also ideal for solid woods as it is readily absorbed leaving furniture glossy and germ free, as the anti-bacterial qualities ensure all germs are repelled no matter where in the home it is used.

Many people use it for cleaning the entire house from carpets to walls and bathrooms and find they have great success while their home smells of the fresh summer scent.

  • Use it for coughs, colds and general congestion. 
  • Soothes a sore throat.
  • A great way to lift your mood and calm your anxiety
  • Helps cure cold sores and blisters? 
  • Aids digestion and boosts weight-loss 
  • The antibacterial and antiviral properties ward off symptoms of the flu in no time 
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