La Mancha Lobita Loca Garnacha (75cl)


Full of favour, easy drinking red wine; a true Garnacha to have anytime! Biodynamically farmed grapes from vineyards in La Mancha, central Spain. 

Grapes: Garnacha

Region: La Mancha, Spain

Alcohol: 12%

Tasting notes/pairing options: Cherries and damson with a touch of spice, this low alcohol Garnacha is bursting in flavours. 

Biodynamic, suitable for vegans


The producer/the estate:

It may seem hard to believe, but in 1993, when the brothers, Francisco, Javier and Luis Parra founded Parra Family Organic in La Mancha, Spain, the idea of Organic or Biodynamic certification was a new one. But the brothers decided it was a natural thing for them to pursue, given their long history of sustainable farming.  In spite of the size of the business – Parra Family Organic sells around four million bottles a year – the brothers alone handle most of the office work and are intimately involved in the workings of the cellar and the vineyard. Everyone helps out with everything, but if pressed Francisco will admit he does a bit more in the way of sales and marketing, while Javier concentrates more on winemaking. Luis does some of everything and is very involved in his passion: raising pigeons.