Instant Lavender Garden Box

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A box for instant calm! 6 well established lavender plants in 2 Litre pots, ready to plant and give wonderful fragrance and colour right away! 

The Box Includes:
2x 2L Intermedia Edelweiss

Tall, white flowering Intermedia lavender with long spiked flower heads. Flowers a little later than the Angustifolia species and can reach heights of 80cm. Excellent backdrop to smaller purple varieties.

2 x 2L Imperial Gem

Very similar to the vastly popular Hidcote; it has slightly more silvery foliage. Excellent for hedging or small rows.

2 x 2L Twickel Purple

An unusual variety, not often seen in many back gardens.'Twickel Purple' is a fairly large, robust variety of lavender, with strong stems.

All three are:

  • Hardy
  • Ready to plant into the ground
  • Excellent fragrance
  • Final height: approx. 80cm
  • Planting space: 3 plants within a meter
  • Our lavender plants are sold as culinary herbs