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If you're looking to add a pop of colour to your garden, then our 'Hues of Blue' lavender plant pack is just the ticket! 

With their deep, rich purple flowers, they are a welcome addition to any garden and the bees will certainly thank you, so will your wallet :) 

What is included?

You will receive the following:-

  • 5 Stoechas Blue Star Lavender Plants
  • 5 Angustifolia Cedar Blue lavender plants. 



Stoechas Blue Star

'Blue Star' is an evergreen perennial with aromatic, linear, grey-green leaves and small, fragrant, tubular, lilac flowers topped by purple bracts in late spring and summer.

Half hardy.
Final height: approx. 60cm.
Current size: 10 – 15cm from base of rootball to the top of the foliage.
Planting space: 5 plants = 7.5 litre pot or 3ft trough.
Beautiful dark purple-violet flowers topped with dark purple bracts.
Our lavender plants are sold as culinary herbs.

Angustifolia Cedar Blue

Cedar Blue is a tall, yet compact evergreen shrub with grey-green leaves and slim stems that bear beautiful violet-blue flowers.

Tall stems with a compact base.

Very hardy.

Final Height 60cm.

They are ready to be planted out in the garden. (Approx 10 - 15cm from base of root to top of the plant)

Our lavender plants are sold as culinary herbs.