Feet Up Friday Gift Set


Time to ourselves is difficult to find, but very important for our well-being. The challenges of everyday life can be hard to switch off from, particularly in the current circumstances we all find ourselves in. 

Our Lavender Products are renown for their relaxing qualities, but we wanted to go a step further and create an entire relaxing, de-stressing experience.

So, at LavenderWorld we have put together the feet up kit, designed to take your mind off the mundane, everyday worries and strife. Kick back with a glass of wine, a delicious chocolate, a puzzle and our Yorkshire Lavender Muscle Rub.

The set includes: 

A Yorkshire Lavender muscle rub

A bottle of Plot 22 Red Wine

A box of handcrafted, Artisan Chocolates

and A Yorkshire Lavender jigsaw. 


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