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Casal dos Jordoes Finest Port (75cl)

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Casal dos Jordoes-NV is a stunning port of the very highest quality. This port has a loyal following and with it’s great concentration of fig, prune and fruitcake flavours it’s not hard to see why.

Grapes: Touriga Francesa

Region: Douro, Portugal

Alcohol: 20%

Tasting notes/pairing options: Perfect for an end of a meal treat or with some nutty blue cheese

Organic, suitable for vegans


The producer/the estate:

Arlindo da Costa Pinto e Cruz’s vineyards are planted on schistous, split terraces on the steep slopes of the Douro. Amongst the vines you will see olive trees growing alongside touriga nacional, touriga francesa, tinta roriz and tinta barroca – the grape varieties that are blended together to make his much-loved and multi-award-winning ports.