Brut Nature Champagne (75cl)


A rich wine reflecting the dominance of Pinot Noir and low yields of the vines. The inviting amber colour stems from high anthrocyanin levels in the ripe Pinot Noir. 

Grapes: Chardonnay 30%, Pinot Noir 70%

Region: Champagne, France

Alcohol: 12.5%

Tasting notes/pairing options: Rich spicy nose with white fruits and pepper. Balanced with good structure and a creamy mousse. A long fresh finish.

Organic, suitable for vegans and vegetarians


The producer/the viticulture:

Rémi Leroy grew up in Meurville, a small town in the Côte des Bar. He trained as a oenologist and agricultural engineer in Bordeaux before taking over his 9ha family estate. Rémi works organically and is very hands on in the vineyards, winter pruning, debudding, and leaf-stripping to produce low yields of ripe healthy fruit. He ploughs and uses green cover ensuring soils are well aerated to promote biodiversity and balance in the vineyards.