There are a great deal of dried lavender varieties available on the market. Depending on what you will be using your dried lavender for, there is most definitely a variety for everyone!

Grosso Dried Lavender

The Grosso dried lavender variety is light grey/blue in colour and it has the strongest fragrance of all dried lavenders. Although not the most visually attractive from the lavender range, it holds the strongest and longest lasting fragrance.

This makes it ideal for filling wheat bags, lavender bags, etc. where fragrance is more important than colour. Supplied in a clear plastic bag, to ensure the lavender maintains its maximum freshness.

The full name of the dried lavender variety is Lavandula Angustifolia X Intermedia Grosso.

Blue Dried Lavender

The Blue Dried Lavender dried has a softer more subtle "English Lavender" scent than the Grosso. It has a lovely deep blue colour which makes it perfect for craft work. This dried lavender is a Lavandula Angustifolia variety specially bred for its colour.

Organic Dried Lavender

This lavender is an organically grown and certified variety of Lavandula X Intermedia with a good fragrance.

Dried Lavender Grown in the UK

Similar to the above but grown in the UK! Fragrant dried lavender Lavandula X Intermedia varieties. Slightly more expensive than the French but most definitely worth it.

Culinary Lavender

It is usually the English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) buds that are used in cooking. The English lavender is the preferred lavender of choice for cooking because of its sweet fragrance.

English Lavender is known as Lavendula angustifolia officianalis (also known as True Lavender or Vera).