The beauty of Lavender Plants

What is there not to love about lavender? It is incredibly easy to maintain and once it is established you will have a happy and healthy plant for many years to come!

On top of this it is the perfect plant for attracting lots of lovely buzzy bees and wildlife into your garden. You can enjoy the beauty of your plants in the garden and even create your own beauty products and lavender infused meals.

And how could we forget the fragrance, not only is it magnificently delicate it is refreshing and wonderfully soothing. Still not sold? Check out some fun facts about lavender below.

Many, many moons ago, Cleopatra apparently used lavender to seduce both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, it is also said that if a man and a wife place lavender between their bed sheets they will never argue, lavender was also used extensively in the middle ages, this was due to the bug repelling properties that lavender possesses.

So whether you're looking to bag your own Caesar, keep the bugs at bay, stop quarrelling with your other half, or just because, lavender is the plant for you!
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