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Purple Intermedia Lavender Plants

Intermedia ARABIAN NIGHTS : A neat bushy plant with a low, compact base. Long slightly splayed stems. Mid-green foliage. Dark purple flowers. Height 70 cm. Flowering August. Strong fragrance.

Intermedia Grosso.jpg

Intermedia GROSSO : A compact bush with widespread and splayed stems. Green foliage. Deep purple flowers. Height 60 cm. Flowering late July. Very strong fragrance. Grown in Provence for its oil content.


Intermedia HIDCOTE GIANT : A vigorous, upright bush, tendency to become sprawling in older plants. Greenish foliage. Very large dark purple flowers. Height 100 cm. Flowering July/August. Strong fragrance.


Intermedia IMPRESS PURPLE : A good compact, bushy plant with strong, splayed stems. Mid-green foliage. Deep purple flowers. Height 80 cm. Flowering July/August. Sweet fragrance.


Intermedia SEAL : A vigorous, spreading bush with an up swept habit. Silver- grey young foliage maturing to grey-green. Violet blue flowers. Height 90 cm. Flowering August. Soft fragrance.


Intermedia SUSSEX : Medium spreading lavender. Mid-green foliage. Pale- purple flowers. Height 80 cm. Flowering August. Sweet fragrance.