The main use for a lavender bag is to stop our clothes becoming a running buffet for the pesky clothes moth! A lavender bag is perfect for protecting that treasured cashmere jumper or that beautiful silk scarf.

The reason Lavender bags are so successful at deterring those pesky moths is that dried lavender (the intermedia variety) contains camphor oil. Camphor is a natural chemical that is well known for its moth deterring properties.

Even if you do not have a moth problem, lavender bags are fantastic for making your clothes, sheets and blankets smell nice and fresh. This is one of the reasons that lavender is widely used in washing powder and fabric softener.

Another popular use for your lavender bags is to pop them under your pillow to help you get a restful nights sleep, this is due to the calming, relaxing properties of lavender.

Another very popular use for your lavender bag is purely as decoration around your home. If the lavender bag is made with a beautiful material , or is an interesting, unusual shape, they can usually be found hanging from door handles, on a window sill or just dotted around our home so that we can enjoy their relaxing, calming fragrance, which certainly beats the nasty chemical filled plug ins!

The most common question that we get asked is how long will my lavender bag last for? Well your lavender bags can last for a great number of years. If you have an older lavender bag in your home and the scent seems to have disappeared, just give them a gentle squeeze, this should release a nice fresh lavender scent. The reason that your lavender bag may require the occasional squeeze is due to the fact that the lavender scent is locked up in tiny oil glands on the lavender flower, so you have to physically break up the flower buds to release the timeless lavender scent.

Eventually the fragrance of your lavender bag will wear out. You have a couple of options when this happens, you can either replace the dried lavender in your bag or 'freshen' your bag up with a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil.

Now the fun part, how you can create your own lavender bags.

You will need

1. Remnants of pretty fabrics
2. Tape measure
3. Scissors
4. Pins, needle and thread
5. Ribbons and buttons
6. Dried Lavender

Step-by-step guide

1. Cut out a piece of fabric measuring 18x15cm (7x6in).
2. Fold the fabric in half widthways, with the pattern facing inwards. Pin along the sides, allowing for a 1cm (1/3in) seam, then stitch together.
3. Trim the bottom corners of the bag on the diagonal, then turn it the right side out.
4. Cut a length of ribbon, fold it in half to find the centre point, then stitch this to the back of the bag about 3cm (1¼in) from the top edge (this will be used to tie the bag up). Sew on a button about 3cm (1¼in) from the top on the front of the bag.
5. To make the inner pouch for the lavender, cut another piece of fabric, this time measuring 18x12cm (7x5in). Fold it in half and stitch up the bottom and side, again allowing a 1cm (1/3in) seam. Turn the bag right side out and fill with lavender. Hand stitch all along the top to enclose the lavender.
6. Pop the lavender bag inside your decorative bag and tie the ribbon by wrapping it around the button.

There you have it, you now know how to create your own lavender bags. You can of course change the design to suit your own personal preference.

The most important thing to remember with your dried lavender is how you store it. We recommend storing any left over dried lavender in an air tight container and storing in a cool, dry, dark area.