How to make your Dried Lavender Bunches go the distance

A dried lavender bunch or wreath can add lasting beauty to your home. Therefore it is important to care for your dried lavender properly in order to keep the arrangement looking it's best for as long as possible.

An easy way to keep your displays dust-free and looking fabulous is to use a compressed air spray (just don't spray to close as this could cause damage). Another great method is to use a hair dryer on the 'cool' setting, again, not too close. Finally, a good old-fashioned feather duster works really well on the sturdier arrangements.

Your dried Lavender Bunches will need to be displayed indoors so that they are protected from the elements. To keep them looking as beautiful as the day you purchased them. It is always important to keep them out of direct sunlight. This will ensure the colours of your lavender bunches will not fade or become brittle. Another good idea is to avoid keeping your flowers in rooms with high humidity, as this will cause them to turn limp and brown.

If you like to change your arrangements around on a regular basis, you can of course store them in a box, as long as there is enough room to secure your box with tissue paper, your arrangements should be fine. We would recommend that you do not store your arrangements in your loft as any exposure to heat or humidity can speed up the chances of your arrangements wilting in the box.

We would also recommend that you never store your arrangements in plastic boxes or bags.

Another way you can store your arrangements is by framing them. Use your dried lavender stems inside a picture frame to add colour. This looks really lovely when you take a black and white spring picture, and put colourful dried flowers around the picture inside the picture frame. You can use a few drops of glue to hold the flowers into place, and there you have an alternative way to display your dried lavender bunches.
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