How Much Does Dried Lavender Cost?

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of dried lavender. The first being the variety of lavender used. If you're using dried lavender for lavender bags, pot pourri etc. then you want to choose the grosso variety - this comes from the intermedia section of lavenders.

The flowers have a higher oil content therefore have a stronger scent. Because of this, this variety is one of the most commercially grown around the world which means that the price can be relatively cheap compared to lavender for other uses. Depending on supplier a kilo will cost you £10-£15.

The cost of Culinary Lavender

Dried lavender for culinary purposes tends to come from the angustifolia variety of lavender. This is because the flower heads contain less oil and therefore are able to produce a much more floral flavour unlike their intermedia cousins whose taste can be quite bitter.

This section of lavender is not widely commercially grown around the world and therefore the price tends to be higher due to a lower supply. Prices therefore start at around £20-£30 per kilo. That said a kilo will make you ALOT of scones as only the smallest amount of lavender is necessary!

Location, Location, Location

The second factor in the cost of dried lavender is location. As lavender from Provence France has a much lower cost to lavender grown in the UK because it is grown on a much larger scale which gives producers efficiency which other suppliers can not keep up with.

With lavender now being grown on a large commercial scale in countries such as China it should decrease the price even further.

The Quality Factor

A third factor which determines the price of dried lavender is its quality! There are a number of grades of dried lavender.

Lavender being used for items such as wheat bags tends to be a lower grade as the customers will never see it and therefore suppliers can get away with filling bags with dried lavender which contains many impurities such as stalks etc.

Here at Lavenderworld we sell only the highest graded lavender as we want our customers to receive the most bang for their buck! Take a look at our dried lavender prices here.