How can I use my Dried Lavender Bunches

Lavender is such a versatile plant, not only is it beautiful plant with a delightful aroma it has an almost endless amount of uses.

If you're under the age of 30 you probably used to think of dried lavender bunches as dust harbourers that you used to see in your grandmothers home, but peoples views of dried flowers in general is changing.

Where are they now?

Dried flowers and Dried Lavender bunches are now seen as romantic, luxurious and downright fabulous!
Gone are the days where your dried lavender bunches were used just as a permanent decoration that adorns your home.

Lavender Bunches around the Home

Why not hang some lavender bunches in your kitchen to give you that Parisian feel. Dried lavender also looks fantastic in a vase and for an extra special touch why not add some fresh flowers to make your arrangement pop. A bunch of Dried Lavender sitting on the windowsill fragrancing the room or filling a vase adds the perfect rustic charm to any home.

You can even decorate your home with lavender wreaths of all different shapes and sizes.

Using Your Lavender Bunches in The Winter

You can even use your Lavender bunches to create a fire starter. Your home will be filled with the unmistakable scent of lavender.

Dried Lavender Bunches For Your Wedding

Lavender bunches are also fast becoming the flower of choice for brides to be and for good reason, not only is it beautiful, it can also relax and soothe the bride and wedding party.

Lavender has the most delightful scent, while being elegant and timeless. It can be used in almost every aspect of your wedding, from using Lavender in your bouquet, creating beautiful boutonnières, decorating your wedding cake, you can even use dried lavender in your wedding breakfast!

Why not use dried lavender bunches in your centrepieces or at the end of the aisles for your ceremony? Not only will the dried lavender fill the air with a relaxing scent (anything that can help the bride & groom relax is an absolute blessing!) that will soothe your guests while giving you a beautiful natural focal point.

The uses for your dried lavender bunches really are endless, from decorating your home, to creating the perfect arrangement.