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Every Bunch Buys Lunch

Everytime we sell a bunch of lavender or dried loose lavender we donate one school meal to a child to a child in Peru


Amantani UK
Here at Lavenderworld we strive to support chartites which are not only close to our hearts, but charities which we feel are having a huge positive impact on children all over the world. Amantani are a perfect example of a charity which shares our goals and aspirations for ensuring the future of children in impoverished countries.

Fred Branson, one of the directors of Amantani, describes what Amantani do to help the children of Peru,

Amantani’s mission is to help the children of Peru keep their beautiful smiles. Since 2008, Amantani has managed three Educational Boarding Houses in Ccorca; a small Quechua district nestled high in the Andes of Southern Peru. These Boarding Houses help over sixty children who previously walked up to 8 hours daily to get to and from school.

Two in three children living in Ccorca are malnourished. When a child is malnourished their brain receives less oxygen, their potential for healthy development is significantly decreased and they are at risk of cognitive impairment.

In the Boarding Houses, Amantani offers a healthy diet rich in all the necessary nutrients that gives the children the energy they need to unlock their full potential. The parents contribute with what they can; in the form potatoes and the wood needed to fuel the stove. We also work with the children to grow vegetables in the projects’ greenhouses.

The children are involved in the management of the greenhouses through each step of the cultivation process. It is a brilliant opportunity to talk about nutrition and when the time comes to eat what they have grown, a crucial attitude of self-sufficiency is instilled.

For a child in our Boarding Houses to receive breakfast, lunch and dinner it is just £20 a month. Over the course of the 10-month school year, this means as little as £200 to feed a child for a whole year.

Thank you to everyone at Lavender World!

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