Chamomile Essential Oil

This is very strong smelling oil and is sold in dilute form due to its intense potency. The dilute doesn’t make it any less effective as the benefits are legion with the chamomile essential oil. It will not only relax tired minds it will also relive stress and calm irritated skin, adding moisture and nutrients which make it ideal for the cosmetic case.

Chamomile oil has powerful calming agents, as well as antibiotic, antiseptic, antidepressant and overall mood lifter properties.

Its natural astringent and antiseptic qualities allow it to be used to treat bites, stings, cuts and wounds while the aroma will deter even the most persistent of flying insects.

Chamomile can be blended with massage oils, used in steam or mixed with lotions and creams. Chamomile can also be used in mouthwash as an analgesic.