Blue Lavender Plants

Angustifolia BLUE CUSHION : A dwarf rounded and bushy habit. Grey, green foliage. Deep blue flowers. Height 55 cm. Flowering July - August. Mild fragrance.


Angustifolia BEECHWOOD BLUE : One of the most difficult lavender to propagate. A small compact shrub. Intense deep blue flower. Grey- green leaves. Height 50 cm. Flowering July. Sweet fragrance. One for your collection.


Angustifolia BLUE ICE : Pale blue flowers emerge from icy-blue buds – very unusual colour. Height 50 cm. Flowering July. Good fragrance.


Angustifolia BOWLES EARLY : A bushy, erect habit. Greyish-green foliage. Blue flower. Height 60 cm. Flowering June. Strong fragrance.


Angustifolia CEDAR BLUE : A compact and dense habit. Green foliage. A lovely mid-blue flower. Height 50 cm. Flowering July. Strong, subtle fragrance.


Angustifolia DWARF BLUE : A compact plant. Mid-green foliage. Violet to blue flowers. Height 45 cm. Flowering July. Fragrant.


Angustifolia FOLGATE : A neat, erect bush with slightly spreading habit. Grey- green foliage. A good long flowering lavender which the bees and butterflies love. Traditional bright, mid-blue flowers. Height 55 cm. Flowering June/August. Subtle fragrance. A truly English lavender.


Angustifolia LAVENITE PETITE : A very compact habit. Lots of short vivid blue flower spikes, shaped like little pompoms. Grey-green foliage. Height 35 cm. Flowering June. Quite aromatic fragrance.

Lavender Little Lady.jpg

Angustifolia LITTLE LADY : A tidy and compact bush. An abundance of clear open light blue flowers. Grey-green foliage. Height 40 cm. Flowering June/July. Strong fragrance.

loddon blue.jpg

Angustifolia LODDON BLUE : A compact, low bush. Excellent grey-green foliage. Strong blue flowers. Height 60 cm. Flowering July. Strong fragrance especially the foliage.


Angustifolia MAILLETTE : A lavender bush with a loose habit. Grey-green foliage. Mid-blue flowers. Height 60 cm. Flowering July. Very strong fragrance. Grown for its oil for the perfume industry.


Angustifolia MISS MUFFET : A very small cushion-like habit, quite a rare lavender. Grey-green foliage. Mid-blue flowers. Height 30 cm. Flowering July. Mild fragrance. Ideal in a rockery.


Angustifolia MUNSTEAD : A traditional, compact and medium sized lavender. Strong grey-green foliage. Mid-blue flowers. Height 60 cm. Flowering June/July. Sweet fragrance.


Angustifolia PRINCESS BLUE : A compact young plant, open in habit when older. Grey-green foliage. Violet-blue flowers. Height 60 cm. Flowering July/August. A strong, traditional perfume.