Angustifolia Hidcote and Compost Pack


Our Hidcote and Compost Pack ensures you have everything you need to get planting as soon as your delivery arrives!

In the starter pack you will receive 10 x 1L Hidcote plants and a 50L bag of compost all for £49.99! Or pick the option for 30 x 1L all for £99.99

Hidcote is our most popular variety with traditional deep purple flowers and easy to maintain nature. Attracts bees and butterflies, suitable for drying and using as a culinary herb or for craft purposes, very commonly used in rows and hedges.

  • Very hardy and very fragrant
  • Eventual height approx 40cm
  • Planting space: 2-4 plants within a metre


  • Plant in well drained neutral-alkaline soil. You should incorporate grit/sharp sand when planting lavender to improve drainage in heavy soil. Lavender thrives in poor, sandy soil
  • Plant in a sunny position. 
  • Water for approximately three weeks until established - A good soak to establish root growth


  • Requires minimal watering: Do not over water.
  • Prune after flowering. Cut back quite hard but don’t cut into old wood, as this can reduce flowering potential the following year. Be careful not to remove green shoots as this can kill the plant.
  • Can be left in garden all year round