Lavender and Wildlife


Lavender doesn't just provide us humans with happiness and a feeling of relaxation in the garden, but it also does for our natural wildlife. I work in the Lavender fields a lot in the Summer, and the sound of buzzing Bees, the sight of fluttering butterflies and the ground crawling with ladybirds and toads as they take shelter under the plants, is truly a wonderful experience.


As our cities and towns begin to expand, our wildlife space in many places begins to get smaller. However, that does not have to be the case! We can all encourage wildlife to flourish  wherever we live, and help them adapt to a new environment by providing them with the means to do so.


Whether you have a windowsill or a large open garden, we have some amazing handmade sustainable products to help encourage wildlife to your space. 


We have specially designed wildlife boxes available that to encourage every type of wildlife in your green space.


Watch our video above to find out more.


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March 04, 2021 — Alfie Thomlinson