How to Look After Lavender in 5 Easy Steps 

Step 1 - Position 


Lavender needs direct sunlight for at least four hours a day. When positioning your Lavender, you will need to think about the Sun’s path, to determine the best position for your Lavender plant to flourish. Afternoon Sun can often provide greater warmth to the plant. die


Step 2  - Soil 


Lavender thrives in dry soil. You want to make sure that the soil you are placing your Lavender Plants in is fine also, preferably sandy and gravelly with good drainage. Lavender does not like being in sodden, dark and in heavy clay soil. If you have this, do not fear, as you can add sand and gravel to help improve drainage. Root Rocks are also a fantastic new product designed in North Yorkshire. Made from recycled plastic, they regulate moisture in your beds and planters without any interference from you. You can simply plant and forget, great if you are going on holiday as it will do all the work for you!


Step 3 - Hydration


As discussed, Lavender do not like sodden conditions. It is important to keep an eye out if they are in pots or planters to make sure they are not sitting in water. This can lead to the plants dying and encourage mould and diseases. 


Step 4 - Air Circulation


It is important that you provide Lavender Plants with strong air circulation. Make sure that you do not clump your plants too much, as this could encourage diseases and pests. We recommend that you give around 50cm per plant, so they have the ability to expand with very good air circulation.


Step 5 - Pruning your Lavender


We prune Lavender to allow for stronger root growth, as well as encourage new healthier flower heads and foliage to form. It is important to prune your Lavender as you want to avoid encouraging disease and pests.  


Pruning your Lavender predominantly takes place at two times of the year. Hardy Lavender wants to be pruned back in the Autumn, and your French Lavenders in the Spring. You can also prune your lavender throughout the flowering season to encourage new flowers to bloom. 

Watch our video above to find out more.


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March 04, 2021 — Alfie Thomlinson