Why You should Steer Clear of Lavender Topiaries

I’m sure we have all seen the beautiful colour pictures of a lavender topiaries tree within the brochures of some of the top high street stores, however there is a reason why we don’t supply these at Lavenderworld, actually there are several reasons. We appreciate that the topiaries look pretty, they are different and can look attractive outside our front door, however, if you purchase these, do so with caution, trepidation and frankly don’t hold out much hope for their survival. We promise we aren’t just dismissing these new kids on the block, but when something doesn’t work, it doesn’t… read more »
October 06, 2014 — Lavender World
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Lavender Still in Bloom

The weather we have had this year has been absolutely glorious and nothing has thrived quite like our lavender plants.  Due to the unseasonably warm Spring and June, lavender plants have taken on an almost bionic size. With this wonderful weather comes an additional bonus, not only will your lavender plants have grown but you would have seen an influx of buzzy bees and stunning butterflies to your garden. Even now, after your lavender plants have been cut, there is still a great deal this English garden staple has to offer you, we have compiled some our favourite uses for… read more »
October 03, 2014 — Lavender World
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A Twist on a Classic: Nectarine Crumble Tart with Lavender Honey

The humble crumble is a staple in most homes, however if you’re looking for something that has the best bits of this classic mixing in harmony with some new fresh, delicate ingredients, then this crumble tart is the perfect option. The sweet and juicy nectarines work perfectly with the fragrant and delicate lavender, all of these ingredients were made for a crumble! So, all you need to do is set aside an hour or so from your day to create these delicious pudding, and you will be so thankful that you did. This dessert works perfectly with vanilla ice cream,… read more »
October 02, 2014 — Lavender World
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How Lavender Can Help You Relax

I’m sure we all know the numerous benefits of lavender, however, did you know that lavender can also help ease depression. Given that nearly half of the adult population suffer with depression, lavender can be a fantastic help with helping you to relax whil easing any anxiety you may be suffering with. Did you know that Queen Victoria swore by Lavender tea to soothe her awful migraines. Now, Lavender can’t cure depression, but it can certainly help ease your symptoms. There are several ways that you can use lavender to help, and below we have compiled some of our favourite… read more »
October 01, 2014 — Lavender World
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A Light & Delicate Lavender Afternoon Treat

With the colder weather looking as though it is here to stay, now is the time to treat ourselves to a little afternoon snack. If you have had a busy morning and nightmare afternoon why not pop into the kitchen to create the delectably scrumptious Earl Grey, Lavender & Vanilla Mille Feuille. Now you may be thinking this recipe is hard work. however if you swap out the home made pastry for shop bought (we won’t tell ) then this is a sweet treat that can be created within a few minutes. The sweetness of the vanilla, the earthiness… read more »
September 30, 2014 — Lavender World
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How English Lavender is Helping the Dwindling Bee Population

I’m sure we have all heard the horror stories of our dwindling bee population and the fact that without our buzzy little friends our survival doesn’t look too pleasant. So, what can we do to help our bees? Well, according to the Big Bumblebee Discovery survey (which was carried out by 30,000 schoolchildren) English lavender is twice as inviting to bees as French lavender. The more simple English lavender buds are not only more appealing to the bees, but they are more accessible than the frilly French lavender. The French lavender variates are of course beautiful, however, due to the… read more »
September 29, 2014 — Lavender World
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A Brief History of Essential Oils

  Essential oils have been used since the dawn of time and for very good reason too! Essential oils were used throughout the decades for a variety of reasons, from creating medicines to making cosmetics and everything in between. We will be covering the history of essential oils , with some interesting facts along with some of the worlds most famous people who have use essential oils in their daily lives.     The History of Essential Oils Our journey begins with the Egyptians who were some of the first people to use essential oils for their medicinal purposes they… read more »
September 02, 2014 — Lavender World
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A Healthy Sweet Treat, Lavender & Almond Butter Cups

    Lavender and Almonds may seem like an unlikely pairing, but don’t dismiss them just yet. This recipe provides the perfect sweet treat that not only tastes amazing it is healthy for you as well. The floral delicateness of the lavender mixed with the creaminess of the almonds make these bitesize treats a store cupboard staple. So, now onto the fun part, creating these tantalising sweet treats. Lavender & Almond Butter Cups Ingredients ¾ cup coconut butter* 2 tablespoons coconut sugar (optional) ¼ cup almond butter 2½ teaspoons pure maple syrup Garnishes Culinary dried lavender Instructions Add the coconut… read more »
September 01, 2014 — Lavender World
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A Touch of The South with a Pinch of Lavender

There is something simply magical about southern American cooking, from sweet potato pie to bread pudding with bourbon sauce and everything in between. When it comes to Southern cooking it doesn’t have to be all high calorie faire, there are some truly refreshing, homely and delicious recipes that will make you feel like your in the deep south enjoying a glass of sweet tea while enjoying one of our favourite recipes, Peach shortcakes with lavender cream. The sweetness of the peaches mixed with the delicate lavender cream makes this recipe a true Southern Belle. Now, onto the fun part, creating… read more »
August 14, 2014 — Lavender World
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4 Ways that Lavender Can Help You Through the Summer

Summer is one of those fabulous times of year when we can venture out into our gardens and enjoy some rare but welcome sunshine.  There are a few things that are associated with this sunshine, firstly the need for sun cream and after sun lotion and of course the most unwelcome guest that comes with warm weather, bugs.  Instead of having to buy chemical filled products, we have some natural ‘scentsational’ alternatives that will leave you protected from both the sun and the influx of those pesky bugs.  So, lets get started on creating the perfect summer products that are… read more »
August 05, 2014 — Lavender World
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Summertime Snacks with a Touch of Lavender

Summer is one of the most wonderful times of year, especially when the sun makes an appearance.  During this time of year keeping the children entertained throughout the Summer holidays can seem like you have a mountain to climb, however this does not have to be the case. There are hundreds of free activities that you and your children can enjoy, but then there is the added cost of eating out.  We have compiled some of our favourite summertime snacks that are quick, simple and above all wallet friendly, so if you’re taking a trip with the kids, or even… read more »
July 31, 2014 — Lavender World
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How to Create a Foolproof Summer Menu With a Lavender Twist

With July being one of the warmest months on record, it is time to crack out the BBQ. With this glorious sunshine there really isn’t a better time to get out in the garden.  If you have friends round or even if you’re having a simply family meal, preparing a menu that isn’t time consuming and is obviously delicious can seem impossible, however with our simply 3 course foolproof menu you can’t go wrong!  Our menu can be prepared and served with a minimum of fuss, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy spending time in the garden with your… read more »
July 29, 2014 — Lavender World
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