Why is January the Best Month for Planning a Wedding?

Posted on January 18, 2013 by Lavender World

It’s no secret that there are more break ups in January than in any other month of the year. Of course Christmas is a time when families come together from both sides of the couple but why would this force people apart instead of closer together? When experts delved deeper they found the January break ups were not due to a single factor instead many circumstances and events contributed to the decision to give the other half the big Heave Ho.

The most popular reasons people gave for splitting up in the New Year were:

  • New Year’s Resolutions – The decision to start life afresh
  • Family – Not warming to their partners family over Christmas
  • Feeling Let Down– Either from the thoughtless Christmas gift or the behaviour of the partner over the festive period
  • Financial Strain – Being stressed with credit card bills which prompts arguments and rifts between couples
  • Depression – Seasonal Affective Disorder due to the lack of sunlight that creates pressure on a relationship
  • The Anti-Climax – Feeling like there’s nothing to look forward to now Christmas is over.

These reasons show that if you and your partner have survived this long list of problems then you are definitely in with a chance of staying together for life!

Realising this in January is a blessing as there’s little else to do in this maudlin month. As the snow falls and the bills roll in it’s the perfect time for a bit of browsing online as you seek out deals on sunny
honeymoons and cheap wedding favours. You can spend whole weekends with magazines and lists deciding on a theme and inventing the guest list and even if you don’t spend any money straight away you’ll be ensuring that when you do, you have the best deals on the net.

You may also notice that as the spring arrives many wedding products actually rise in price. This is due to the wedding tax. This is a fictional supplement that many businesses use to their advantage knowing that this is the first and last time you will shop for a wedding and so the prices can be fabricated at will. There are many ways around this, such as shopping now or pinching ideas from wedding websites and magazines and then sourcing the products from elsewhere. When you take of the word wedding you’ll find that products look identical but are offered at half the price.

Beginning this mission is ideal in January as the long dark nights and frosty days make it easy to curl up in front of a fire after work and shop around and if you’re following the recent trends set by Kirstie Allsopp where homemade is the ultimate in designer chic then you could even use the time to start making your own wedding favours, dried flower confetti and invitations.

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