Wedding Favours that keep Growing and Growing

Posted on August 22, 2013 by Lavender World


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Being in the middle of planning my own wedding various things keep popping up. The big things obviously, dress, venue, honeymoon etc. but the one thing I have been having trouble with is my favours.

Now having been to a few weddings this year, I noticed that some of the brides had opted out of favours, which is fine, but I wanted to offer our guests somewhat of an alternative to the normal sugared almonds.

One of my concerns is will my guests even notice the hard work I (and several very kind bridesmaids) have put into the favours? I have been to several weddings where the guests have either left them on the table after the wedding breakfast or they are removed by overzealous venue staff .

Brides do all sorts of favours from home made jams, little packets of their favourite childhood sweets, personalised truffles and even individual plants, it really is down to personal taste.

After many hours of scouring online and in some truly beautiful shops I just couldn’t find anything that I really loved, so I have now decided to make my own mini lavender scented bags and purchase individual  lavender plants and lavender soaps for my guests.

So I am going to be dusting off my sewing machine and attempting to create my own lavender bags, I’m hoping to personalise them somehow, thank goodness I bought lots of extra material as I am sure the first few will not make the grade! I will however keep you updated, hopefully with some pictures of my perfectly finished lavender bags.

I never initially intended on having a lavender themed wedding as such, but after growing lavender for the first time this year I am besotted! So much so lavender will now be in my bouquet of white roses, in the Groom & Groomsmens boutonnières and will even be replacing my confetti.

Whatever favours you decide on I would advise that you make them personal to you and a little bit special so your guests not only remember how stunning the bride looked but what fabulous favours you provided to!


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