To Plug or Not to Plug? That is the Question!

Posted on September 18, 2011 by Lavender World

Many people are scared of plug plants, the cost is higher than buying a packet of seeds and they seem so tiny and delicate, yet others have cottoned on to the many benefits plug plants offer.

As we drift into Autumn and our gardens turn into deep shades of orange gold and red, we’re already thinking of the spring that will surely follow winter, and as the plugs adorn the garden centre shelves promising that spot of colour before you’ve even had a chance to open your lobelia seeds, thousands of us are snapping them up ready to create our instant garden.

This is where plugs rule, the advantages are endless, yet for the gardener impatient for another season to begin, plugs satisfy all cravings, whilst having the benefit of being sown, germinated and hardened off ready for you to plop into your desired spot.

That’s not all!

We all know the hazards of planting seeds direct, there’s always a little trepidation as you wait for seedlings to grow in the border, and as you convince yourself that a garden full of poppies, nicotina, and foxglove can’t be that easy, you invariably remove a few of the young ones certain they’re a dreaded weed! Plugs take the pondering from the weed plucking, already they are identifiable and easy to distinguish from a dandelion meaning you’ll leave well alone and a spectrum of colour will be yours in no time.

Anything else?

Oh yes. You may have noticed that Spring came early this year, the daffodils were dying off by mother’s day and the aubrietia seemed to grace our walls as soon as we’d finished singing Auld Lang Sine, with a plethora of plug plants you could have an early garden being the envy of your neighbours, and reaping the rewards again and again.

Great News for the Veggie Patch

Indeed, as plugs are made for flowers, they’re also available for fruit and veg, which is fabulous for strawberries in particular. Starting these early, you’ll not only be sucking strawberries before Wimbledon
wings its way into our living rooms, you’ll also benefit from a second crop. How greedy are we?

Which brings us on to this season!

There’s a whole range of perennials and vegetables that can be sown now ready for a display or harvest as the nights begin to get lighter, and plug plants are the path to success. As our harvest is barely over, we’ve
all been busy bees in our gardens, and had a mountain of work as we kept on top of the mowing of the grass, the blanching of the vegetables and the gathering of seeds and splitting of plants for our borders. Plugs around now will
establish well before a frost, giving you a helping hand and leaving you safe in the knowledge that your Christmas veggies are DONE!

Be sure to check in again this week for tips on how best to treat your plugs!

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