Tips and Activities to Calm Children Down

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Children by their very nature seem to have endless supplies of energy. Of course, this shouldn’t be stifled however sometimes it can be a little too much and we need to find ways to calm them down.

A calmer child is always easier to handle and promoting quiet time makes the bedtime routine so much easier.

Here are some activities to calm children down, along with some traditional tips for promoting a great night’s sleep.


It doesn’t matter how old your children are reading will always calm them down, whether you read to them or them to you. Even a twelve year old enjoys a story from a parent, just don’t tell their friends!

If you also take the time to read any books your children enjoy you’ll find you can instantly make them sit and listen as you share your views on the story. You can also buy the movie version and let them see how it compares.


Many have never thought of adding lavender to lemonade to keep the kids calm however it is a naturally safe trick that works. Just as lavender tea relaxes the mind, the fragrance and taste from lavender heads will calm the kids. It’s also a flavour combination that works, so children think they’re having a special treat when really you have a trick up your sleeve.


Essential oils are a great way to relax and unwind for adults however children can benefit too. There are so mny ways to use them that if an oil such as lavender is used they really can’t escape the natural calming properties.

You can:

  • Add a few drops to bath water

  • Apply to pressure points

  • Burn in an oil burner

  • Add a sprinkle to pillows

  • Rub a little on the soles of the feet.

Each method promises to relax your children and bring them calm, and you a little peace.


A Mad Half an Hour

Sometimes if you can’t beat them you may as well join them! Giving in and letting them run riot for half an hour may seem counterproductive however with permission they’ll soon start to flag. If they make it to the end without stopping they’ll be ready for a rest and a cool drink!

Let them run around the garden, set them a challenge, allow them to build forts with cushions (that lifting is exhausting) or let them play hide and seek around the house. If you set a time on it you’ll handle it much better as you’ll know it will soon be over.

You can even burn a few calories by joining in!


Anything that requires concentration will calm children such as threading beads on string, cutting out pictures from a collage or colouring within the lines. You can add to the calm atmosphere with some soft calming music as the sit at the table and glue, snip and draw.

Children can use anything for crafts, for instance let them have an old sock to make a jumper for a small teddy bear or even set them a challenge by printing out a boring document and asking them to circle all the nouns.

The Bedtime Routine

A good bedtime routine is essential for your sanity and your children’s as it gives you a target to reach when you know they will be winding down. On exhausting days you can start the bedtime routine early, beginning with calm television and stories before a long bath, a massage for the children (every child loves a foot rub) and a hot milky drink with lavender.

Children, like adults, love a bit of pampering and relaxation and if they feel all grown up they’ll be more likely to participate.


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