The Two Best Lavenders for Hedging

Evergreen, fragrant and undeniably stunning when in full flower, lavender is a perfect shrub to plant in a pot, fill a bed or mix amongst roses or other lavender varieties to maximise colour and fragrance.

They are also fantastic to use for hedges and rows; we’ve highlighted two varieties in particular, both very different but equally as effective when used for hedging.


Angustifolia Hidcote


Hidcote is the most popular variety we have at LavenderWorld; it epitomises the traditional English lavender - deep purple flowers and luscious green foliage, not forgetting the beautiful lavender fragrance.

Perfect for a short, tidy hedge or row; the neatness and compact nature of this smaller lavender is another plus if you have limited space or only a small bed to plant in.

Intermedia Grosso


Due to the nature of Intermedia lavenders, and as the name suggests, Grosso is one of the largest lavenders available. A fantastic choice if you have space to fill or want masses of foliage that you can brush past to release the strong, aromatic scent.

The foliage of Grosso shrubs contains a higher oil content than other lavenders, making it excellent for drying, this also means that when in flower, it produces a very strong, fragrant smell, and gently caressing or squeezing the foliage between in your hands can release the smell.


November 21, 2017 — Will Leatt