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As children we spent our time “gardening” with our hands, normally with our parents busying around us with their shiny, sharp and dangerous tools , well dangerous to a 5 year old who is currently eating their body weight in mud!

Over the years gardening tools have hardly changed, aside from a snazzy new hand grip their functions are almost identical to tools of 1000 years ago.

As I grew older and definitely keener on taking care of the garden I realised that my hands were no longer up to the job! The thought of pruning a rose bush with my hands terrified me! Thankfully there are some fabulous products on the market.



You really can go overboard with garden tools and some of them can be rather gimmicky, the most important thing to remember is to buy for your needs, if you have quite a lot of trees in your garden a pair or long handled loppers will do the job, if you have an abundance of flower beds a fork, spade and some secateurs should be able to handle the demands of a thriving flower bed.

There are a few essentials which I simply could not live without, my spade, fork, secateurs, gardening knife, dutch hoe, garden rake, wheelbarrow and of course my Watering can. I always try to buy really good quality tools as I have found over the years that the cheaper tools do not seem to withstand even one season, the better quality tools may be slightly more expensive but they will last a lifetime!

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