The Full Flavour of the February Garden

Posted on February 02, 2012 by Lavender World

February’s a favourite time of year for gardeners. Those without the green fingered bug don’t understand the rush that the first daffodils bring, or the excited anticipation of spring that seems only a
snippet away.

After some well-deserved time off gardeners around the country are ready to venture out again, armed with plans and visions for making this year the best gardening twelve months yet.

There’s plenty to do in the February garden, and if you want to make sure you’re always on top of jobs it’s best to start now. Preparation is the key to an enjoyable season and makes sure that you’re ready when the growing season takes off.

The Herb Garden

Now is the time to sow parsley, as we’ve been afforded with an exceptionally mild winter a lot of parsley will still be alive, however these will become quite straggly as the season wears on, so new batches will ensure you receive the full flavour for your cooking.

Herbs grow best in still air, so this year consider planting near hedges or shelter. Even annual sunflowers can give enough shelter whilst adding a touch of colour to the herb patch.

Mint can be propagated now, potted for gifts or separated by the runners at the roots to plant elsewhere. Although it may seem dormant in February remember that mint easily takes over and so use a pot in the ground or a liner around the roots.

The Vegetable Garden

Early peas can now be sown outdoors, and they will thrive as soon as the weather is warm enough, Feltham firsts are a favourite amongst vegetable growers for their pretty white flowers and succulent pods.

For early potatoes now is the time to buy the tubers. Although many suggest leaving in a dark space for them to chit, recent studies have shown that this leads the sprouts to become straggly and weak as they naturally stretch searching for light. Although it may take longer, place them where they have good access sunlight and as soon as the chits are an inch long plant in the desired spot for an early crop.

The Flower Garden

Lilies can be planed for summer colour now, as well as roses as long as the ground isn’t frozen. Carnations, Pinks and Primulas can be sown under glass whilst irises will thrive with the help of a cloche.

Alpines should be examined for any frost damage as the cold weather can loosen their soil, simply pat around the base and replace any gaps with compost or gravel to ensure they grow bigger and better this year.

Many climbers are now available to buy and these will stay dormant until the first flushes of spring. Virginia creepers are now the climber to choice with Ivy seeming to be old fashioned. The advantages of the creeper however mean that as they climb they will not penetrate pointing unlike the Ivy; they will also afford you a wonderful display of ruby red foliage in the autumn.

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