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We’ve all been enjoying a glorious summer, as the sun has done us proud. With scent being the most memory invoking sense, what scents will remind you of summer 2013?

This summer I’ve gone a little diffuser and oil burner mad as I’ve tried out a lot of essential oils to bring calm, energy, peace and freshness to every part of the home. I’m not content with a single fragrance as our house is large and so I use four different diffusers for different parts of the house.

Keeping the Bugs Away

I’ve noticed that burning oils also has another advantage as some of my favourites such as Lavender, Lemongrass and Neroli keep flying insects away. I can honestly say that when burning these oils in the conservatory it is always fly and wasp free.

These essential oils are also ideal for adding to pressure points to deter flying insects outside too. They smell a lot better than citronella and have other soothing benefits.

Shiny Happy People

Usually I’d reserve orange and tangerine essential oil for Christmas however I’ve found that it adds energy and spice to a summer day making it feel tropical. These citrus oils are known for being uplifting and they certainly add a touch of flavour that every visitor adores.

Clean and Fresh

Now and again I need the home to feel ultra clean and fresh, usually after cooking or changing nappies all day. I’ve found that lemon oil and peppermint oil are the best for this. They add a fresh air fragrance that is impossible to capture with surface cleaners or polish. Another favourite which is not an essential oil but simply a fragrance is baby powder, this not only smells of bath time but also fills the home with the fresh sheet smell we love.


Romantic Summer Nights

Dining outside on a humid evening is always enhanced with a great fragrance. For this I always choose rose essential oil, sandalwood and ylang ylang. They fill the air with a musky scent that is exotic allowing you to believe you’re dining in the tropics. This combination is also ideal for the master bedroom as it evokes the memories of a romantic evening.

Time to Relax

There’s no better essential oil for relaxation than lavender essential oil. I burn this on the landing in between the children’s bedrooms and also set off a diffuser an hour before bedtime in the living room. It has so many benefits, from the fresh clean smell to the sweet floral notes and the relaxing properties that it’s hard to find one that works so well. It’s also ideal for adults after a long day as it can ease away headaches the natural way. It can be paired with any of the above to enhance the effects of the blends and to add serenity to any fragrance.

Top Tip

If you adore the scents of essential oils, put a few drops in the detergent drawer of your washing machine to benefit from the aromas on your sheets or nightwear!

July 26, 2013 — Lavender World
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