The benefits of planting Lavender

Posted on May 29, 2013 by Lavender World


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Lavender is known for its delightful scent and the fact that it can survive the unpredictable nature of our weather in the UK is a huge bonus!

Sooner or later almost every gardener succumbs to growing these beautiful plants, not only is lavender extremely hardy but there are literally no pests or insects which affect the lavender and it can keep pesky critters away from your other prized plants and vegetables.

Depending on the variety of lavender you are growing, very few plants will thrive the way lavender does without the constant care that other plants require. Lavender is also extremely cost effective given the fact that it grows and spreads so quickly.

If you look after your lavender correctly it can last for over 20 years making them a staple of the garden.

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