Spring Clean – Pruning Lavender ready for Summer

Posted on April 20, 2016 by Lavender World

Lavenders need pruning annually to ensure they keep a tidy, uniform shape but also to promote new growth through early spring, this will aid the growth of those beautiful, fragrant flowers in the summer. Failure to prune these elegant shrubs will result in a woody, spread out and old-looking appearance and less of the flowers we desire.

It is important to allow the lavender time to establish its roots through the first summer, this will give it the best chance of being as strong as possible; if we were to prune lavender too early, it will put more focus into re-growing its stems and leaves rather than establishing itself into the ground or pot.


Pruning Cropped


We prune lavender in the spring just as the new growth is starting to appear; we cut back the remains of last year’s growth to form a nice, neat mound of green foliage; avoid cutting into the hard wood at the base of the plant, as a cut this deep could result in severely damaging the plant. Pruning the right amount and at the right time will increase the longevity and stop that it become woody. Cutting at this time of year will help promote the new growth and help the plant create more flowers.


LavenderWorld Top Tips:

  • Make sure you use clean, sharp secateurs or shears to make the job as easy as possible.
  • Less is more – if you’re unsure where to cut, leave more foliage on rather than taking too much off.
  • Collect the cuttings, bunch them together and have a go at making your own lavender bunches.




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