With the colder weather well on its way your lavender plants will require some extra TLC, you wouldn’t walk around in a t-shirt in the snow, your lavender plants are no different.

These little wonder plants can tolerate both heat and severe cold. While most lavender plants survive well without a great deal of fuss over the winter months, a few winter precautions help keep the plants looking their best.

Protecting your lavender

Lavender is a hardy plant, however winter winds can damage the branches and foliage. You can protect your lavender either by planting your lavender in an area protected from winter winds or you can erect a windbreak around your plants in early winter.

Keeping your lavender nice and snug

An increased protective layer of mulch will help insulate your soil, which will  protect the lavender roots from the colder winter weather.

You can apply up to 2 inches of mulch over the soil around your lavender plants. The mulch also helps regulate the temperature of your soil, which in turn helps ensure your plants will have a nice healthy start for spring.

Clearing up your lavender bed

You also will want to make sure that there are leaves or debris smothering your lavender plants. A pile of leaves will hold moisture and may cause your lavender plants to become diseased or kill them completely.

Try to also avoid leaving your plants under a pile of snow for long periods as this will also have the same effect.

We hope that you have found this blog helpful and we of course hope that your lavender thrives

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October 21, 2013 — Lavender World
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