Planting Lavender

If you’re thinking of planting lavender in your garden but are a little unsure what you need to do, have a quick read of our planting advice here.

  • Plant now in lots of sunlight

The lavender plants you buy are ready to be planted upon delivery. Select an area of the garden that receives a lot of sunlight.

  • Clear the soil of any roots or plant debris and ensure water easily drains through the soil

Prepare the area by turning and loosening the soil and removing roots or plant debris that may be left there. You can add small stones or pebbles as well as sand and grit to the soil to help with drainage. We also have compost available that you can add to your soil to further aid drainage and nutrient retention.

**Avoid surrounding the plants with bark until they are established. We’ve found that bark doesn’t allow water to evaporate from the ground, which means it becomes too wet for newly planted lavender.**

  • Water plants in but give little after

The plants will need watering in but after the first week they won’t need much water. Originating in the Mediterranean, lavender is very drought tolerant; it can thrive in dry, nutrient deprived soil without a lot of water.

February 16, 2017 — Will Leatt