At LavenderWorld we adore Mothers Day as we believe all mothers are naturally beautiful, thus confirming our ethos of bringing only products as nature intended to you and your home. Every gift we sell has been sourced especially with purity, the environment and sustainability in mind so you know when choose a LavenderWorld product; you’re giving something extra special.

Something Special

This untainted approach blends brilliantly with Mothers day as to many of us our mothers are pure, they deserve a little indulgence and they need to know just how much you care. Along with the range we have online we have also launched our Every Bunch buys Lunch where fresh vibrant flowers are delivered direct to your recipients door, while your payment helps towards buying food for school children in Africa.

Something Everlasting

We also have a range of dried flowers that have been preserved at a perfect point in time to retain their colour, structure, fragrance and appearance. These not only make the perfect gift for your mum to display, they can also be used for therapeutic benefits to be added to baths or used in crafts or even as natural confetti.

Something Home Grown

If youre on a budget or if youd simply like to offer your mum something youve grown yourself, why dont you put together a posy of daffodils, allowing it to contrast with the bright red dogwood you need to cut back this time of year? Hand tying it with garden twine will give it a natural look. You may even be lucky enough to have tulips popping up around about now!

You can make this an entire gift by baking some lavender biscuits or making your own lavender tea bags with dried lavender, muslin and string. When lavender is added to food it gives such a feminine appearance and also releases the therapeutic benefits too.

Something Sensory

All mums love essential oils no matter how theyre used. Your mum may like to fill the room with exotic invigorating scents of citrus, or maybe she likes to unwind in a bath of lavender or rose, or she could enjoys just a few drops of black pepper oil in her massage oil, to ease her aches and pains. Theres a different essential oil for every ailment, mood or household chore from lemon oil for buffing furniture, tea tree and lavender oil as an antiseptic, patchouli as a mood enhancer and eucalyptus for clearing a cold. Your mum will be grateful if you choose one bespoke to her personality, showing just how much you listen and care!

Something for the Garden

Even if your mum isnt a gardener you can still make sure she adores her time outside by planting her a pot of summer bulbs that will flower when shes ready to read a book in the sun! If she does like to garden, shell welcome a new set of tools as mums rarely buy anything for themselves, preferring to give rather than receive.

March 04, 2013 — Lavender World
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