Litre Pots - Choosing The Right Variety
Want to add instant impact in your garden
Need an instant hedge or row?

Have a look at the range of varieties we offer in 1 Litre Pots.

Whether you need a small compact row, varying colours, a large space-filler or just a traditional lavender display; we can offer plants and advice to make sure you get exactly what you need.

 What Litres can provide:

  • Instant, luscious green shrubs
  • Established, hardy plants
  • More flowers in the first year of planting

*Buy now to ensure flowers this year* 

 Which variety is best for you?

 ‘Hidcote’, ‘Imperial Gem’ and ‘Little Lady’ (All Angustifolias)

These plants are small and compact (40-50cm); their uniformity is excellent for creating low, neat rows or hedges. ‘Hidcote’ and ‘Imperial Gem’ have the traditional deep purple flowers through the summer months whereas ‘Little Lady’ tends to be a slightly paler shade of purple.


Munstead’, ‘Melissa Lilac’ (Angustifolias)

Two of the larger Angustifolia varieties we have available; suitable for adding more height to a hedge, standing in pots or even mixing with other lavenders to get a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. ‘Melissa Lilac’ is a personal favourite of ours here at LavenderWorld, with its broad, open, lilac flowers and tall green foliage, it can easily bring a certain elegance to your garden.


Intermedia ‘Grosso’

If you’re looking to fill a large space, look no further than Intermedia ‘Grosso’; its long stems will grow up to a meter in height and spread to a similar distance, making it an excellent choice to cover a lot of ground. Don’t be put off by the size, ‘Grosso’ will attract a huge amount of bees and has an incredibly strong scent.


‘Rosea’, ‘Arctic Snow’ (Angusifolias) Intermedia ‘Edeweiss’ 

These varieties, with their pink and white flowers, are great to mix with the traditional purple flowering lavenders we are more familiar with; their striking colours standout against the deep purple. These tall plants (Rosea & Arctic Snow 60cm, Edelweiss 80cm) can be used as a back drop for something like Hidcote or Imperial Gem or be mixed in the same bed as ‘Munstead’.


Planting advice

  • Plant in an area that receives direct sunlight
  • Loose soil that allows water to drain through easily
  • Don’t water too regularly
  • Avoid covering the soil with stones or bark until plants are established

 *See planting advice blog*

February 24, 2017 — Will Leatt